Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A St. George Weekend

Christopher and I both did Spring term at BYU as well as just starting summer.

Spring finals ended last Thursday and my first class started yesterday (Monday) morning.

So with our one weekend of freedom, we decided we would take a quicky trip down to the good old St. George. And I must admit, we failed miserably at getting any good pictures. In fact, we realized that we really hadn't taken one of the two of us as we were pulling onto the freeway to go home. So we snapped a selfie.

My favorite part is the reflection of my arm in Christopher's sunglasses ;)

So we each took a final at the good old testing center on Thursday afternoon, and from there we headed out. We got there JUST in time for that night's showing of The Little Mermaid at Tuacahn. I have seen my fair share of play's in this world, and this one really up there with some of the best.

^Haha I illegally took this picture during "Under the Sea," but it was just begging to be documented!^

^Of course there was a lot of this by the pool. I finally finished Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, which I am actually embarrassed to admit I started while in Hawaii over Christmas break. I guess between a wedding to plan and then a 10 credit Spring term I have an excuse, right?^

^This was Christopher's idea of laying by the pool. Haha that kid. He claimed he needed "some shade time." Little did I know that's what he meant.^

Friday, after our lounge by the pool, we took off to Vegas for an afternoon/evening of shopping and dinner. We hit up the outlets and Caesar's Palace. I have forgotten how GIANT Caesar's Palace is holy cow. But with a trip to Cheesecake, Nike town for the husband, and Anthropologie, you could say it was a definite success :)

^Also we took a stroll down the strip and saw this fun little water show. And we were reminded how many crazies go to Vegas!^

Haha as we were pulling out of Vegas we needed to get gas and so we pulled off the freeway just North of the strip, and we stopped at the sketchiest gas station. I really wanted a drink so I told Christopher I was going to go in and get one, but like a good husband, he wasn't about to let me go in by myself.

 So in we went, and as we were checking out, the guy asked if we were here for EDC. Haha we didn't have any idea what that was, so he proceeded to tell us that it's like basically a giant rave that over 300,000 people come into the city for, and it would take us an hour to get from where we were to outside of the city. EDC (electric daisy carnival) was taking place at the big old race track in north Las Vegas. 

Haha well it did take us an hour to get out of there. The traffic was bumper to bumper, and as we were sitting on the freeway we were entertained by all the electric music blasting from the other cars stereos. Also, Christopher noticed that everyone was chugging water like it was their job, so he told me to google "ecstasy and water" haha and I found out ecstasy dehydrates you like crazy. Fun fact of the day. Or maybe everyone knows that and I am just way behind on my drugs? Haha either way, I felt a little sketchy!

^And I'm finally getting around to these from the wedding. Haha apparently etiquette is a year out from the wedding so I'm still being polite! No judgment!^

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  1. I got married four months ago and still haven't started on my thank you notes yet. Whoops! ha. These are darling, as are you! I am LOVING your dress and this cute blog. This is Jamie Palica now DiCristofano btw. Ha. :)