Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wedding: the temple

Haha is anyone sick of my wedding yet?! 


But I got my pictures back and I have to share!

Anyone who has had a wedding knows there's just an overload of pictures so I'm gonna try to break it up... But still prepare for picture overload :) 

Today I'm sharing the pictures at the temple! And if anyone doubted my claim about it being the rainiest day of the year... You're about to find out I was not lying!

^my cute brother before we came out of the temple^

^had to include this one as well because Chris is saluting... Seriously?^

^okay so this actually turned out quite charming, but let me tell you... Everyone was really worried about me getting wet so I had about 4 people trying to cover me with their umbrellas... Which actually just resulted in me being covered with the water on top of 4 umbrellas! Memories :) ^

^Chris made the comment that my neck is cranked in every picture... I was wearing 4 inch heels... Tall husband problems! ^

^check out that WET ground. It was so slippery! A miracle I didn't fall^

^most people get a cool shot with the temple reflected in the reflection pond... We weren't mad about this one though! ^

If I don't die with finals coming up (again) the reception and dress details and more exciting things to come! 

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