Friday, May 23, 2014


I was doing really great about this whole blogging thing until I got married. Haha that combined with a 10 credit Spring term put a real quick halt on this little blog of mine! 

However, a lot has happened in the last [almost] month since I've been married (I can't believe I've been married for almost a month! Time flies!)...

And there's no better way to play catch up then with pictures.... Amirite?

First and foremost... I got married! Yay! I haven't gotten back the official pictures so here is a sneak peak of the wedding iPhone style!

^the most beautiful bridesmaids right?^

*also.. I don't know if anyone in Utah remembers the 26th of April (Saturday after finals for my BYU peeps) but it wasn't just raining... The state was actually flooding. Talk about a memorable day!*

Next up... My niece Chloe just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Honestly before she was born I was like... a solid five years away from thinking about kids but... 

Haha he's a little frightened. Not now though don't worry Christopher :)

She's perfect... And I'm so turning into one of those people. Not even angry about it. 

I'm also getting the most beautiful new sister-in-law in August! Can't wait for Micah and Sarah to seal the deal!

And lastly (I promise!) one of my best friends (our friendship began during the London days... Remember?) got married yesterday-- on the 22nd of May! 

Gosh it was just a gorgeous wedding on a gorgeous day. And we got to attend the sealing which is quickly becoming my favorite part of the temple! Weddings are just so happy! Thanks Tay for letting us be part of your day! 

^the beautiful bride herself! The dress and flowers were absolutely stunning."^

Things got a little weird when I was asked to take a picture of the two of them....

^and even weirder when this snapshot was discovered...^

Good thing I like you so much Kylie ;) 

And speaking of liking someone a lot.... 

^ this husband of mine is quite a champion. I loved being able to spend the whole day with him (he even shopped with us and was so sweet!) and it was so much fun to have memories of our wedding day brought back from not too long ago! Haha plus just look at that face. He was ecstatic to hold my flowers :) ^

^ maid and man! ^


  1. you look ADORABLE!

    married life looks good on you

  2. you have the best dang legs in all the land.