Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wedding: The People

Because that's what it's all about anyway, right??

We had the best wedding party!

Obviously it included both our families...

^Christopher holding my train up is a great look^

^Hahah so we actually had a pretty good laugh about these pictures. At the time Micah and Sarah were just dating (although we all knew they were getting engaged the following week), but because we didn't want to blow Micah's secret (and also because.. I mean I guess you never know what could happen!) we weren't sure if Sarah should be on the ins or outs with the family pictures. We settled it by doing one with and one without, and making sure Sarah was on the end and easily cropped out if needs be ;) Hahaha I'm glad she's always in now! Really, I couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law!^

I already have discussed how much I love my bridesmaids....

^And possibly already put this picture up. Haha it just really says a lot about all of them^

^haha 10 day old Chlo could no longer deal with the weather by the time this was taken^

^but she definitely got her debut. So glad that little one made it for the wedding! We tease that she's just like her dad... Can't miss a good party!^

And let's not forget the groomsmen!

^I never would've thought that the pose that these boys were doing every dance would be featured at my wedding... Give or take a few^

^In fact, sometimes I stop to think about how weird it is that I'm almost going on 10 years of knowing my husband and I'm 21. And that all the groomsmen in my wedding were boys I've known about just as long!^

^The men of both my families! Love these guys. Also love that the left side of that photo is slightly shorter than the right ;) Haha Melville's are TALL people.^

^And this photo was a classic. Just look at Grandma and Grandpa Bateman. What a couple!^

And lastly...

^I couldn't do a post on the people I love most without mentioning the guy who made everything happen! I'm not one for emotions but combine my dad with my wedding day and a tear or two may had made an appearance. I just love this guy!^

That's all! Only the reception to go people :) We're getting close to the end here!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy Birthday America! And in other news...

The fourth was only a week ago! Give or take... Haha.

I seriously have been failing soo bad to get pictures of anything. Christopher and I took a selfie on the fourth and it didn't even turn out good.... Maybe that's why I've been failing at getting pictures...

^also. Let's talk about that hair. It's gone. Above my shoulders! And I desperately need a cute picture of it but like I said... Pictures just haven't been in the cards for me lately!^

^Although I did get one of my food on the fourth. Nothing better than grilling for our country's birthday. It's just so American!^

We did have a good fourth, with some sad family news that made you appreciate your loved ones all the more, and a lot of swimming, barbecuing, and enjoying the day off!

Generally my mom takes care of little Chlo twice a week but since she's been in Greece the pleasure has fallen to me! My whole camera is filled with pictures of her. Haha gosh I didn't know I could love a baby so much.

In non-picture related news (there's a lot more of that going on in my life!) we have been enjoying this weather immensely. Wednesday night it got a little (just a little) bit colder and we utilized the hot tub in the rainy weather. 

Once it really started pouring, we got out and shut the tub down, but we just sat underneath the porch as it came down and looked out over the whole valley (my parents' view is for real one of the best in the county). With me being full time in school, and Christopher working a few jobs and taking Econ (yikes!) it seems that the moments we get to just relax, make good conversation, and enjoy each other's company are few and far between. It was totally one of the nights that I wanted to freeze and make last forever. I am so glad we live in such a beautiful place! (haha don't talk to me in January though :) )

And one last thing... Christopher and I matched excruciatingly well today at church. I think he has a picture of it that I'll put up soon. Prom round 3 anyone? ;)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

a day on the lake

Last Saturday, we took our boat out for the first time this summer (at least we made it out before July right??)

My family loves to boat. Like our favorite place in the whole world is Lake Powell... Which we are still working on getting down to... Everyone growing up is no fun!

Anyways, we started Chloe young and brought her on the boat with us (and without Eliza... it was a brave move!)

^The rocking of the boat worked beautifully to put her to sleep!^

^And when she decided she had slept long enough (or we had just passed her between us one too many times!) a dum-dum did the trick. She had a layer of sugar caked on her lips after. Hahaha you know we could only get away with that cause Will was "in charge" of her. Whoops :)^

And because Chloe wasn't the only person on the boat... 

^I knew I could marry him after I went boating with him for the first time. His family grew up boating as well, and he can keep up with the Collins.. At least on the boat ;)^

Hahaha actually. Poor guy. He didn't think that we would have any sunscreen because my family doesn't generally use sunscreen (we should.. Skin cancer here we come!) but of course we had some... It's a boat! He was so lobster red that night and is just barely getting over the burn... Almost a week later.

 He said he got so burned because he was being "the fun guy" (aka he did everything like 3 times at the minimum).... I say it's his fair skin! We should've put him under the umbrella with Chloe. 

Also... My parents and Sarah are off to Greece for the next [almost] two weeks with a group from her mythology class. I couldn't be more jealous. I'm itching to go back to Europe! Guess we'll just hold down the fort while they're gone. 

Party anyone? ;) 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wedding: the dress

I have always loved the lace dresses. I just think they're so beautiful and classic, and I always thought that is what I would end up getting.

I tried on a lot of dresses, and someone advised me to try on any style, regardless of whether or not I thought it was "my style." Which I think is such great advice.

So we shopped around Provo a little bit, and then we made an appointment up at Alta Moda. We went to Alta Moda first, and we were so close to buying a dress there. I was certain I would never find one I liked as much.

BUT we did have an appointment at The Perfect Dress as well, so we decided to go see what they had and then we would come back if I still wanted the one I chose.

By the time I was trying on dresses again, I was so over it, and SO hungry, that I really was not giving anything a fair chance.

I told the girl helping me what my style was, and she said "wait. I have a dress for you!" and she came back with MY dress.

I loved it, and everyone kept saying it was SO me.

However, I have to admit, that not until the first fitting did I truly know this was THE one. I mean I loved it when I tried it on, but it wasn't the right size and I was tired and hungry and not feeling pretty. But when I put it on again at the first fitting in the right size, it fit me like a glove. It's amazing how much something can change just off of fit alone. Seriously all the seamstress did was pull it in a little at the hips and change the neckline.

It also went perfect with the feel that I wanted for the reception. I was going for classic with everyone in black and white, and my dress almost had an "old hollywood feel".

Anyways, here are some of my bridals and pictures from the day itself.

^cutest bridesmaids^

Raw silk (and let me tell you how fun that is in rain!)
 Buttons all the way down the train
Gold bow belt
Gold shoes from Kate Spade

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A St. George Weekend

Christopher and I both did Spring term at BYU as well as just starting summer.

Spring finals ended last Thursday and my first class started yesterday (Monday) morning.

So with our one weekend of freedom, we decided we would take a quicky trip down to the good old St. George. And I must admit, we failed miserably at getting any good pictures. In fact, we realized that we really hadn't taken one of the two of us as we were pulling onto the freeway to go home. So we snapped a selfie.

My favorite part is the reflection of my arm in Christopher's sunglasses ;)

So we each took a final at the good old testing center on Thursday afternoon, and from there we headed out. We got there JUST in time for that night's showing of The Little Mermaid at Tuacahn. I have seen my fair share of play's in this world, and this one really up there with some of the best.

^Haha I illegally took this picture during "Under the Sea," but it was just begging to be documented!^

^Of course there was a lot of this by the pool. I finally finished Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, which I am actually embarrassed to admit I started while in Hawaii over Christmas break. I guess between a wedding to plan and then a 10 credit Spring term I have an excuse, right?^

^This was Christopher's idea of laying by the pool. Haha that kid. He claimed he needed "some shade time." Little did I know that's what he meant.^

Friday, after our lounge by the pool, we took off to Vegas for an afternoon/evening of shopping and dinner. We hit up the outlets and Caesar's Palace. I have forgotten how GIANT Caesar's Palace is holy cow. But with a trip to Cheesecake, Nike town for the husband, and Anthropologie, you could say it was a definite success :)

^Also we took a stroll down the strip and saw this fun little water show. And we were reminded how many crazies go to Vegas!^

Haha as we were pulling out of Vegas we needed to get gas and so we pulled off the freeway just North of the strip, and we stopped at the sketchiest gas station. I really wanted a drink so I told Christopher I was going to go in and get one, but like a good husband, he wasn't about to let me go in by myself.

 So in we went, and as we were checking out, the guy asked if we were here for EDC. Haha we didn't have any idea what that was, so he proceeded to tell us that it's like basically a giant rave that over 300,000 people come into the city for, and it would take us an hour to get from where we were to outside of the city. EDC (electric daisy carnival) was taking place at the big old race track in north Las Vegas. 

Haha well it did take us an hour to get out of there. The traffic was bumper to bumper, and as we were sitting on the freeway we were entertained by all the electric music blasting from the other cars stereos. Also, Christopher noticed that everyone was chugging water like it was their job, so he told me to google "ecstasy and water" haha and I found out ecstasy dehydrates you like crazy. Fun fact of the day. Or maybe everyone knows that and I am just way behind on my drugs? Haha either way, I felt a little sketchy!

^And I'm finally getting around to these from the wedding. Haha apparently etiquette is a year out from the wedding so I'm still being polite! No judgment!^

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wedding: the temple

Haha is anyone sick of my wedding yet?! 


But I got my pictures back and I have to share!

Anyone who has had a wedding knows there's just an overload of pictures so I'm gonna try to break it up... But still prepare for picture overload :) 

Today I'm sharing the pictures at the temple! And if anyone doubted my claim about it being the rainiest day of the year... You're about to find out I was not lying!

^my cute brother before we came out of the temple^

^had to include this one as well because Chris is saluting... Seriously?^

^okay so this actually turned out quite charming, but let me tell you... Everyone was really worried about me getting wet so I had about 4 people trying to cover me with their umbrellas... Which actually just resulted in me being covered with the water on top of 4 umbrellas! Memories :) ^

^Chris made the comment that my neck is cranked in every picture... I was wearing 4 inch heels... Tall husband problems! ^

^check out that WET ground. It was so slippery! A miracle I didn't fall^

^most people get a cool shot with the temple reflected in the reflection pond... We weren't mad about this one though! ^

If I don't die with finals coming up (again) the reception and dress details and more exciting things to come! 

Friday, May 23, 2014


I was doing really great about this whole blogging thing until I got married. Haha that combined with a 10 credit Spring term put a real quick halt on this little blog of mine! 

However, a lot has happened in the last [almost] month since I've been married (I can't believe I've been married for almost a month! Time flies!)...

And there's no better way to play catch up then with pictures.... Amirite?

First and foremost... I got married! Yay! I haven't gotten back the official pictures so here is a sneak peak of the wedding iPhone style!

^the most beautiful bridesmaids right?^

*also.. I don't know if anyone in Utah remembers the 26th of April (Saturday after finals for my BYU peeps) but it wasn't just raining... The state was actually flooding. Talk about a memorable day!*

Next up... My niece Chloe just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Honestly before she was born I was like... a solid five years away from thinking about kids but... 

Haha he's a little frightened. Not now though don't worry Christopher :)

She's perfect... And I'm so turning into one of those people. Not even angry about it. 

I'm also getting the most beautiful new sister-in-law in August! Can't wait for Micah and Sarah to seal the deal!

And lastly (I promise!) one of my best friends (our friendship began during the London days... Remember?) got married yesterday-- on the 22nd of May! 

Gosh it was just a gorgeous wedding on a gorgeous day. And we got to attend the sealing which is quickly becoming my favorite part of the temple! Weddings are just so happy! Thanks Tay for letting us be part of your day! 

^the beautiful bride herself! The dress and flowers were absolutely stunning."^

Things got a little weird when I was asked to take a picture of the two of them....

^and even weirder when this snapshot was discovered...^

Good thing I like you so much Kylie ;) 

And speaking of liking someone a lot.... 

^ this husband of mine is quite a champion. I loved being able to spend the whole day with him (he even shopped with us and was so sweet!) and it was so much fun to have memories of our wedding day brought back from not too long ago! Haha plus just look at that face. He was ecstatic to hold my flowers :) ^

^ maid and man! ^