Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy Birthday America! And in other news...

The fourth was only a week ago! Give or take... Haha.

I seriously have been failing soo bad to get pictures of anything. Christopher and I took a selfie on the fourth and it didn't even turn out good.... Maybe that's why I've been failing at getting pictures...

^also. Let's talk about that hair. It's gone. Above my shoulders! And I desperately need a cute picture of it but like I said... Pictures just haven't been in the cards for me lately!^

^Although I did get one of my food on the fourth. Nothing better than grilling for our country's birthday. It's just so American!^

We did have a good fourth, with some sad family news that made you appreciate your loved ones all the more, and a lot of swimming, barbecuing, and enjoying the day off!

Generally my mom takes care of little Chlo twice a week but since she's been in Greece the pleasure has fallen to me! My whole camera is filled with pictures of her. Haha gosh I didn't know I could love a baby so much.

In non-picture related news (there's a lot more of that going on in my life!) we have been enjoying this weather immensely. Wednesday night it got a little (just a little) bit colder and we utilized the hot tub in the rainy weather. 

Once it really started pouring, we got out and shut the tub down, but we just sat underneath the porch as it came down and looked out over the whole valley (my parents' view is for real one of the best in the county). With me being full time in school, and Christopher working a few jobs and taking Econ (yikes!) it seems that the moments we get to just relax, make good conversation, and enjoy each other's company are few and far between. It was totally one of the nights that I wanted to freeze and make last forever. I am so glad we live in such a beautiful place! (haha don't talk to me in January though :) )

And one last thing... Christopher and I matched excruciatingly well today at church. I think he has a picture of it that I'll put up soon. Prom round 3 anyone? ;)

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