Thursday, July 3, 2014

a day on the lake

Last Saturday, we took our boat out for the first time this summer (at least we made it out before July right??)

My family loves to boat. Like our favorite place in the whole world is Lake Powell... Which we are still working on getting down to... Everyone growing up is no fun!

Anyways, we started Chloe young and brought her on the boat with us (and without Eliza... it was a brave move!)

^The rocking of the boat worked beautifully to put her to sleep!^

^And when she decided she had slept long enough (or we had just passed her between us one too many times!) a dum-dum did the trick. She had a layer of sugar caked on her lips after. Hahaha you know we could only get away with that cause Will was "in charge" of her. Whoops :)^

And because Chloe wasn't the only person on the boat... 

^I knew I could marry him after I went boating with him for the first time. His family grew up boating as well, and he can keep up with the Collins.. At least on the boat ;)^

Hahaha actually. Poor guy. He didn't think that we would have any sunscreen because my family doesn't generally use sunscreen (we should.. Skin cancer here we come!) but of course we had some... It's a boat! He was so lobster red that night and is just barely getting over the burn... Almost a week later.

 He said he got so burned because he was being "the fun guy" (aka he did everything like 3 times at the minimum).... I say it's his fair skin! We should've put him under the umbrella with Chloe. 

Also... My parents and Sarah are off to Greece for the next [almost] two weeks with a group from her mythology class. I couldn't be more jealous. I'm itching to go back to Europe! Guess we'll just hold down the fort while they're gone. 

Party anyone? ;) 

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