Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wedding: The People

Because that's what it's all about anyway, right??

We had the best wedding party!

Obviously it included both our families...

^Christopher holding my train up is a great look^

^Hahah so we actually had a pretty good laugh about these pictures. At the time Micah and Sarah were just dating (although we all knew they were getting engaged the following week), but because we didn't want to blow Micah's secret (and also because.. I mean I guess you never know what could happen!) we weren't sure if Sarah should be on the ins or outs with the family pictures. We settled it by doing one with and one without, and making sure Sarah was on the end and easily cropped out if needs be ;) Hahaha I'm glad she's always in now! Really, I couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law!^

I already have discussed how much I love my bridesmaids....

^And possibly already put this picture up. Haha it just really says a lot about all of them^

^haha 10 day old Chlo could no longer deal with the weather by the time this was taken^

^but she definitely got her debut. So glad that little one made it for the wedding! We tease that she's just like her dad... Can't miss a good party!^

And let's not forget the groomsmen!

^I never would've thought that the pose that these boys were doing every dance would be featured at my wedding... Give or take a few^

^In fact, sometimes I stop to think about how weird it is that I'm almost going on 10 years of knowing my husband and I'm 21. And that all the groomsmen in my wedding were boys I've known about just as long!^

^The men of both my families! Love these guys. Also love that the left side of that photo is slightly shorter than the right ;) Haha Melville's are TALL people.^

^And this photo was a classic. Just look at Grandma and Grandpa Bateman. What a couple!^

And lastly...

^I couldn't do a post on the people I love most without mentioning the guy who made everything happen! I'm not one for emotions but combine my dad with my wedding day and a tear or two may had made an appearance. I just love this guy!^

That's all! Only the reception to go people :) We're getting close to the end here!

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